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Hi! I am Pooja
I Design Experience
Eperience + Process

I have seven years of design education and ten years of professional experience. 

While my professional experience is primarily in Products and UX, I have also delved into design across media, physical products, and design strategy.

I see the design as an intertwingled process, where each phase is equally coupled with the rest of the phases of design. Moreover, I believe in defining the design process based on the nature of the project.

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A pencil can bring the best out of a paper.

I learned this during my five years as a commercial arts major (Fine Arts).

Here, I gained a skill to bring meaningful patterns out of shapes, colors, and convert it into the brand identity. 

Two years of Masters in Interaction design program introduced me to Cybernetics and Conversation Theory to create richer human-to-machine interactions, With this knowledge, I learned how to design from a systems perspective.

I have worked for more than 7 years in core Experience and Product Design.

My professional engagements provided opportunities to gain experience in areas of SaaS, manufacturing, travel, and

e-commerce services. My empathetic approach to people and cultures has helped unearth problems through explicit conversations with users about needs and contextual user research to understand their behaviors.


I’ve successfully Led, managed, and delivered more than 20+ digital projects ranging from web & mobile apps, from B2B and B2C platforms. All are at a high professional standard of execution and represent some of the leading companies in the industry. 

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