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Gujarat Quiz Logo 

C.N College of Fine Arts | 2011 | Academic Project
Project Goal

To design self-explanatory Logo for Gujarat quiz

The Gujarat Quiz is a general knowledge test designed to encourage young spirits to increase their knowledge about Gujarat. Administered by local schools across the state of Gujarat, students learn about their geography, culture, politics, and they can compete to become number one in the state.

Little bit about Gujarat

Gujarat, India's westernmost state, has varied terrain and numerous sacred sites.


"Aavo Padharo" are words of welcome in the language of Gujarat. It is here that these words ring true and mean that you are “the guest of God.” The people of Gujarat are gregariously friendly and inviting.


Gujarat is renowned for

Purpose of Gujarat Quiz

Like every other state in India, Gujarat also has a rich history. This history still helps to mold future today,

for example,  the textile artwork, tradition, societal norms, education and many more. The Gujarat quiz was aimed to enhance knowledge of school students about their state and participate in the quiz. 

Final Design Direction 

For the final design direction, I choose the shape of "Abhla" (embroidery element) and Lion (Gujarat is known internationally for lion sanctuary).

 Final Design 
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