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Understanding problem



Competitive analysis


Identify opportunity area


Design & implementation

The common

problem about data 



User wants to know more about business like what is going on? and why?


Human eyes and brain get framed after one point, they don't know what to ask and what they are looking for.


Wherelse, data has all the answers but no humanized way to explain the personalized story.



Competitive analysis

Business intelligence platforms allow business users to search for anything about their business and get answers. Also helps to analyze data and reveal actionable insights that can help improve decision making and inform business strategy.


But currently, available tools keep the ease of use on a side, which is vital to have a satisfying experience.


Here are some BI tool positioning analysis plotted on four factors to understand the user experience 

This analysis helped to identify where Tellius should be

BI & Data visualization trend


1. Humanize your data to relate with it


No one wants to read sheets or view graphs, bring context with it so one can relate and digest easily.


2. Data collaboration and interaction


When we humans interact with data, data responses to bring a meaningful conversation on the surface.


3. Bringing data out of their silo  


Provide an opportunity to the user to play with data and see what all they can make out of it. Instead of traditionally searching and creating dashboards.  


4. Data-driven culture to storytelling culture


Data tells many stories and proper presentation of visual answers smoothens the decision

making process.


5. Have a conversation with your data


Familiarity and awareness of business data are vital. A platform should bring an opportunity to the user to converse with their data in a way like having a conversation with a friend.  

How to achieve this?

The goal of Tellius platform is to make business users aware about "what?" question helps to find interface expectations, while "why?" question drives the desire to know more.

Tellius Information Architecture


Interface Design


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