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The persistent distraction and psychological stress created by mobile wireless devices and social media are changing the quality of interpersonal communication by substituting ease-of-use for the quality of interaction.


Lack of colloquial 


Clueless search

Often users do not know what to see but they know they want to see something. 

Youtube aims to get more videos and views therefore often You- Tube missed the tone of the familiar and human conversation thus search feels like a one- directional conversation.

No control over


Often users get same the recommendation again and again or too many similar kinds of videos on their wall, which creates the clutter but also, users do not want to unfollow the channel because they do not want to miss the updates. 

Void social aspect

YouTube has started the Individual TV trend. YouTube falls in the social media category but the communi- cation aspect is tertiary or has to rely on other social media to communicate the message 

Persona Study

Persona study is the result of:

64 Surveys + 18 Interviews   

Persona + Affinity Mapping

The map helped to identify how one persona overlaps with other personas' habits and lifestyle.

Personality Mapping

The exercise helped to learn not only personality but also the opposite personality of each persona.

Which resulted in the understanding of the range of the selection people make based on their values.


Process map helped to identify activities involved in defining what a business entity does, who is responsible for what. Also, helped to map users actions and their reflection on management end, and interaction problem occurrence due to unsorted content overload.


Lack of Colloquial Feedback


Human-like Conversations

Asking the user to express current mood allows better recommendations that match his/her mood and can greatly improve the experience.

YouTube provides likes and dislikes to all the stories/videos. But every event is not aligned with like and dislikes. Some video needs more than like and dislike. They need support, agreement, improvement, or condolence. Some unlikely events need protest, awareness, or reinforcement. All these scenarios cannot be covered with just like and dislike.

No Control Over Recommendations

More often a user wants to see or listen to something but usually does not know what to search. Here, different subject tags can help to direct search and lead a user to accurate search results.

The multi thumbnail can help a user to choose a pleasing and relevant video to watch. Also, helps in preventing clicking on misleading thumbnails.

Clueless Search

The control to manage news feed from the followed channels can help the user to declutter the news feed wall from repetitive video promotion.

Directive Search

Control over Recommendations



Void social aspect


Shared TV Viewing

The group view feature can help users to see, share, and view a video simultaneously, and

have TV-like feeling again.

A shared video can go with a personal note on user’s friends’ YouTube pages.

A personal recommendation can lead to new members as well as help users to trust and follow the channel.

Prototype link is available on request

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