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Be the right host 

Goal of the Project

Provide assistance for information and services to the guest 

XploreGlobe is a responsive web application designed to facilitate guests planning their stay and to help hotel groups to improve their service based on guest data gathered over the course of multiple stays.


My Contribution

1. Facilitate client-facing interactions to gather design requirements and understand business needs.
2. Understand users and make the personas.
3. Create complete user interface including wireframes, style guide, and final visual design.
4. Collaborate with developers and clients to deliver the final output.

I worked on this project during my engagement with Lumium Innovation. 

TEAM: 9 members ( 2 UX and 6 Developers )

Here is where I started 

I started this project with a mind map exercise that helped me explore the topic and expand my thinking.

It also helped me to learn the components and the relationships that make the whole.

Understanding Users

The project included two groups of users: the hotel guest and the concierge.


The Guest user group consists of people who make short- or long-term plans and travel for vacation, special occasions or business. The user may or may not be familiar with the host location. Therefore, a guest may need frequent assistance. 


The Concierge user group consists of someone whose primary goal is to serve the guest, providing assistance and information when required. The duties often include reservations, tours and organizing events. 

Color Palate

The term XploreGlobe indicates the vividness and pleasure in exploring the globe through its travel solutions. Team Lumium used this essence to propose different colors in order to suit the traveler’s need while aligning to UI trends and maintaining consistency with the XploreGlobe brand language.

Mood Board

Everything starts from a verbal description of the key brand's values and features. It's important to make sure we are on the same page with the client and understand the 'soul' of the business correctly. To find the right metaphor and visual rhythm for a future identity, we explored hundreds of references. Then we carefully grouped and filtered our findings to create self-explaining mood boards.

Wireframe Design

Guest Interface

Concierge Interface

Visual Style Exploration

After an initial exploration of wireframes, I consolidated the design draft creating visual design of the Xploreglobe Web Application. During this phase I iterated on user flows and designs. Then I designed three variations of visual style with different user interactions and navigation patterns.

Final Design 

Guest Desktop Web Application
Guest Phone Web browser
Concierge Web Application
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