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The journey was inspiration from the book  “The Tiger That Isn’t” written by Michael Blastland & Andrew Dilnot.

With a 5 week effort of which 3 hard weeks to gathers enough data of food habits of 8 unassuming students and 2 for visual depictions of the stories that emerged from it. The data were categorized into meal types, emotions, emotions, food objects, time, country and city, etc. By which following was achieved.


Contribution: Data cleaning, applying formulas, graph plotting, and write up by Pooja Upadhyay.

Visual guidelines and storyboarding formed by Lin Chiamin.

The following data analytics visual the is the expansion of above chart. The analytics show meal consumption by each country.

In continuation of above data analytics visual, the following data visual explains the emotion out of an Indian person has felt from each meal.

Last data visual represents meal consumption of each person in the class.

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