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A game for edutainment

The Problem

We play games, play them again, try to find the pattern, and master it.

Then what???!! We get bored. 


Contriver's Goal

A game which aims to evolve as both players evolve and learn from each other's strategies. 

Contriver means a person who deliberately uses his/her skills to execute a plan. One who creates or introduces something new. 


Inspired by​

The interface inspiration came from Following three lenses:

Dynabook by Alan Kay, HyperCard by Bill Atkinson, and MEMEX by Vannevar Bush.

Dynabook by Alan Kay

An idea of creating an environment

to build and learn something meaningful 

to you.


Platform Creation

HyperCard by Bill Atkinson

Information organization, management, 

and control of the external environment to satisfy one's own specific needs.


Information & Control

MEMEX by Vannevar Bush

Access to bewildering store of knowledge to see the area has already been explored and areas are yet to explore.


Track of Trails

Also, seeing through these lenses made clear the idea of:


Personalizing the interface for the customized experience.

Which is the core part of Contriver



Contriver is divided into two parts thus two players. 




Design level for player B

Skills - 800 Points

Difficulty level – 1000 Points

Location - 2000 Points

Player A becomes meta designer

who is designing a stage for player B




B has to win points to unlock the criterion to build level for player A

Player B becomes the designer

who is going to set rules for next stage by playing and winning designed stage by A 

Task Analysis

Player A's output becomes input for

player B

Player B's input

becomes output for

player A

Gordon Pask's “I/you-referenced” interaction: Not only does the second system take in the output of the first, but the first also takes in the output of the second.Each has the choice to respond to the other or not.

Player's Timeline

When one player plays, other becomes the observer 

Player A:

Level Design Interface


1. Select A Game Theme

2. Customize Selected Game Theme

3. Build Your Own Level

Player A Game Theme & Task:  

Building a house to survive in Caribou, Maine - 2 Adults and 1 Child

Player A:


CONTRIVER gives an opportunity to players to personalize each level by customizing elements. So, players can build different patterns at each level.


3D View

Introductory screen: Once Player A publishes a level, Player B gets to play the level.

An introductory screen can help player B to understand the upcoming task and challenges. 



Playground Interface 

Player A

Level Design Interface

Player B

Playing Interface



What player A and B are Learning?

Player A

N possible ways to conquer 

the same challenge


Observe B's actions so A can 

prepare for his/her turn 


Improvement of an idea by


Player B

Cognitively calculating the 

architecture vs experience 

Simultaneously learning player

A's thinking process

Recalling his/her learning

Now, it's player B turn to create a level 




A has to win to unlock the elements to build level for player B

Player A becomes the designer

who is going to set rules for next stage by playing and winning designed stage by B




B won points to unlock

Duration– 150  Points

Skills – 800 Points

Difficulty Level – 1000 Points 

B could not win 

Location – 2000 point to change next level location

Player B becomes meta designer

who is designing a stage for player A

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